Umbrella Insurance

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    Umbrella Rules of Thumb

    First things first is a rule of thumb for understanding this policy type. First you must have a "primary" policy like your Auto policy or your Homeowners policy. These "primary" policies must have certain levels of Liability coverage limits , and these policy limits are basically your "deductible" to the Umbrella policy limits.

    Second, then you can take out a separate Umbrella policy that would kick in if your "primary policy" liability coverage was ever max'ed out due to a liability claim. Limits for Umbrella policies start at $1 million.

    Third, the Umbrella policy only kicks in on policies, items and drivers that are "charged a premium" and listed under the Umbrella policy, every vehicle, home, boat etc must be listed/attached to the Umbrella to have this extra coverage.

    It is very, very important that you communicate with your agent and review the policies, items and drivers that are listed under your Umbrella each year. There are no "automatically" included items that go on this policy. The cost usually starts around $120 a year for someone over 25 years old, with a good driving record, 2 cars and 1 home.

    Frequently Asked Questions.

    1. Can I put my business items under my Umbrella policy.?

    Answer Not usually, there are 2 types of Umbrella policies, Personal & Business.

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