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    Old historic, custom designed or plain Jane built, we match your dwelling with like coverages it needs. And if Replacement Cost is a concern to you as it is to us, we can put a No-Cap Replacement Cost on most updated homes.

    Discounts can be given for: Multi-policy discount, Life Policy Discount,  Fire/Burglary System Credit and Newer Home Discount.

    Frequently Asked Questions.

    1. Does my Homeowners Insurance cover my tools or equipment I use in my Business??

    Answer Depending on the Policy Form type(HO-2,HO-3 or HE-7) it will only cover $2,500 or $5,000 of contents/small tools. No motorized equipment is covered. Buildings used for business or if business equipment is stored in them are NOT covered under the Homeowners Policy. Business exposures must be covered under a policy designed for that type of business.

    2. How is Hail damage determined to be covered by my Homeowners policy??

    Answer The adjuster will use their own experience/knowledge, but may also refer to an Industry trained expert if they are not sure. HAAG Certified Inspectors can be found at http://haagcertifiedinspector.com/find-an-inspector they specialize in hail.

    3. Can I keep my current Homeowners policy if I move out and rent the home??

    Answer No, the design of this policy is for the home owner to be the occupant, and is why the policy comes with contents and other built ins designed for the owner. A tenant occupied policy would offer coverage's for you as a Landlord that are not needed/included in a Homeowner policy.

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