Boat Insurance

Types of Insurance.

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    Boat and Personal Water Craft Insurance

    Owning any watercraft brings on a unique type of responsibility and Liability to the owner:

    1. Bodily injury - for injuries caused to others, such as swimmers, jet skiers, or other boaters.
    2. Property damage - for damage caused to someone else's property.

    Direct damage to your boat or trailer, theft or even sinking to name few, are bad events that are expensive to fix or replace.  So, having your boat covered correctly on a Boat Policy is the first step in limiting your direct exposure to the unknown occurrences that happen to these floating toys.

    Frequently Asked Questions.

    1. When is my boat automatically covered on my Homeowners??

    Answer Only boats that meet both criteria of: 15 feet or less length & 50 HP motor or less are covered on a HomeOwner policy.

    2. Once I have a policy can I go anywhere and use it for anything??

    Answer Like auto policies, most boat policies are written on a personal boat policy and exclude coverage for commercial use or racing. Some may exclude coverage beyond coastal waters, so make sure your policy is endorsed for how you use it and to where you take it.

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