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Types of Insurance.

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    Insuring Vehicles – From Two Wheels to Twelve

    As an independent insurance agency, Snider Insurance works with many insurance companies and can help you compare protection and prices to find the coverage and value that’s right for you.

    We are your local agents – real, live members of the Tri-county area, so we know how to get you the right insurance for your vehicle. Whether your insurance needs are for hitting the winter trails, taking a summer drive, or just the everyday commute, our team can help you find the right insurance to keep you covered.

    Frequently Asked Questions.

    1. If a friend borrows my car and they wreck it and hits another car and they have injuries, doesn't their policy pay for all these damages first??

    Answer No. Coverage is determined by the owner of the vehicle liable. So the owners policy and the coverages on its policy will be used to pay for damages to its car and for the other parties.

    3. Can I add a Dually truck to my personal auto policy??

    Answer Probaly not. If any vehicle's Manufacture Gross Weight is over 10,000 lbs it not eligible for a personal auto policy. A commercial auto policy will be needed due to its weight only.

    4. Why do driver violation/accident points not come off at the exact date it is 3 years old? ?

    Answer Points are not added on the exact date of the violation/accident. They can only be added at the next renewal, so they also will fall off at the end of a renewal period when it is 3 years old. So it never is on there for a full 3 years anyway.

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