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    What will happen if… when you Die?

    Sadly, an unexpected death can occur to anyone and at any age, and the impact can quickly take a toll on the finances of those who were dependant on them.

    • What would happen to your family if it happened today?
    • Have you made the necessary planning preparations? 

    You may have an older policy that has not been reviewed in many years, and would like someone that understands it, to give you an update or just go over its progress. Each situation and family's needs are different, so it is good to have this discussion with someone who has experience and that you can trust in guiding you in this matter.

    We can help go over the basics of the different types of Life Insurance policies/features including Term Policy, Whole Life Policy, Universal Policy and Estate-2nd to Die Policy.  We then discuss the options you are most interested in, and in turn show you a custom plan just for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions.

    1. Do all Life Insurance companies charge about the same premiums??

    Answer Absolutely not. I am still surprised at the broad range of rates from one company to another, depending on age brackets, volume amounts, health risk. As an Independent Agent we can compare rates with your Life Insurance too.

    2. What is the Death Benefit??

    Answer If you die while your policy is in force, it will provide the designated amount of coverage at the time of death to the current policy beneficiary(s).

    3. Does my beneficiary change automatically??

    Answer NO. It never changes unless the owner of the policy submits a written change form. It is just another reason to review all your policies every 5 years.

    4. Should I leave my children as my beneficiary since that is where I want it to go??

    Answer No not if they are a minor. They can’t receive it directly anyway, and it could hold up the access of it until they are 18. In my opinion, it is best to have someone that is financially trust worthy to handle the money for them in age appropriate stages.

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